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Bashing anna and his supporters

13 Oct

Last nights big news – “prashant bhushan roughed up by members of a previously unknown group called sri ram sene”

Todays headlines “sri ram sene supporters protest against detaining their members and beat up anna’s supporters in anger”

Previously Digvijaya singh – claims RSS was a force multiplier behind anna’s anti-corruption campaign by showing a letter written by RSS chief mohan bhagwat expressing support to anna’s campaign

Anna‘Forced to reply – “RSS letter would be true only if I would have replied to it”

Mean while congress spokeperson condemns attack on prashant bhushan claiming the perpetrator was a member of BJP’s youth wing

Connect the dots and what you see is a well thought out strategy by our very own politicians in power to attack anna’s campaign directly and create fear and confusion amongst the general people. Will prashant bhushan’s attacker get punished, even if he does get punished for how long is he going to be in jail? One month, three months; which is nothing compared to the crucial benefits and political mileage our gov gained.

Well done!! Game well played