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Transitions; though inconvenient but keep us moving

18 Mar

Transitions; though inconvenient but keep us moving.

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The curious case of Shajjad Ahmad (Sohel Golwalla FT13373)

19 May

The curious case of Shajjad Ahmad (Sohel Golwalla FT13373).

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Tea @ 5 am

10 Oct

Is searching for a good cup of tea too difficult @ 5 am in mumbai??

Not at all if you are aware of the hidden gems mumbai has to offer. Recently, after a busy Saturday night I needed a cup of tea before I crashed for the night. I made a couple of enquiries on whatsapp and was instantly directed to santacruz east. Turn right under the flyover on western expressway towards santacruz railway station and u’ll see a place selling bhurji/pav bhaji and a small tapri giving tea for 5 rs @ 5 am 🙂  superb tea though!!

PS: I cudnt take any photo’s as my battery died 😦 damn you battery sucking android

Can internet be free?

12 Feb

The recent news of Huffington Post selling off to AOL has been a surprise for many bloggers around the world, there is stiff resistance to this news by many bloggers who contribute for free to Huffington post.

let’s have a look at what and how Huffington post became famous. the company was run as a not for profit organization by socialite Arianna Huffington, who made a stong blog empire by content published by thousands of citizen journalists. Bloggers and journalist were instantly drawn to Huffington as it appeared as a new, clean and non-profit system built for sharing and viewing news as and when it happens. It was run for over six years as non-profit and by its sheer quality and volume of content, many bloggers continued to contribute.

Now with the sell-off news, many are turning to boycott and protests.The magazine AdBusters has called for a boycott of the Huffington Post:

“Socialite Arianna Huffington built a blog-empire on the backs of thousands of citizen journalists. She exploited our idealism and let us labor under the illusion that the Huffington Post was different, independent and leftist. Now she’s cashed in and three thousand indie bloggers find themselves working for a megacorp.”

Some agencies and bloggers have called it the problem of free internet, when a start-up builds enough hype around it and manages to scare the corporate giants; it is inevitable that the corporate giant thinks of wiping out the competition by integrating it with itself and controlling the outcome. Although this strategy has seldom worked as there will always be a new threat looming and building up to attract the lost followers.

From Al Giordano of the Field (who removed all of his content from the Huffington Post):

“This saga is, sadly, not the first or last case of a blogger or online renegade that ended up becoming swallowed by the very same inhuman mass media conglomeration that it claimed it had set out to oppose. Good luck to Huffington and company, but they’ll have to cross back to the other side of the bridge without me.”

 Lets wait and watch how this story unfolds, as it keeps asking the same question again – Can internet be free?

who is your worst teacher?

10 Feb

How do you reach to a conclusion about your worst teacher, does it depend on whether you were beaten up in school for not doing your home work/mis-behaving in class/ not tucking your shirt in 🙂 ; or does it depend on how poorly you scored in your exam; whethe

is this how you imagine your worst teacher?

r your teacher screamed out loud in class; or how your teacher always favoured the person you hated the most V/s you.

There are many reasons for hating your teacher but for me it was always my 3rd standard school teacher who used to ask us all silly questions; like were you making fun of me, did you repeat what I said, why are you yawning in class. The worst one- why are you staring at me. Then she would call the student to her desk and ask for an answer in yes or no, if the answer was yes – we would get beaten up and if the answer was no- the questions continued. Considering I was only in the third grade and this horror continued for one entire year; she definitely ranks no. 1 on my list of worst teachers. She had completely lost her mind and I think become paranoid.

Note : For privacy sake I am not naming/uploading photo of my teacher as I believe those were hard times for her and by now I have already forgiven her