Shanghai Salon Experience

20 Feb

I’ve been in Shanghai for almost two months now and I finally had to get a haircut, i was a little scared initially as I’ve seen chinese teenagers sporting extremely different or and shall I say in vogue hair styles which is very different from my simple and clean style. over the last couple of days i scanned around my locality for different salon’s and to my amazement. there were plenty of salon’s around ; almost one to two at each street. though I had been warned by my friends that some salon’s act as a front for the infamous massage industry, I managed to narrow down my search to one salon which was big, on the main road, brightly lit and played english music.

As i entered i was first greeted by two women who simply said Welcome – 欢迎 in a very high-pitched and excited tone. Instantly I was received by a very beautiful and elegant girl who asked me what I would like? I asked my chinese friend to tell her that I am here for a simple haircut or rather trim and shave; she scribbled on a page and took me to the reception where they printed out a work order and gave me one copy. then I was asked to remove my clothes, I was a little surprised as I dint understand why i needed to undress to get a haircut, quickly my chinese friend corrected the girl and told me she asked to take off my jacket so that I could be comfortable; Hearing this I realized it was going to be a wonderful experience as never before I had seen so much of professionalism and politeness at a salon.

Then I was given a hair wash by the same girl; it took ten minutes and then she escorted to a chair. My barber Jule arrived, dressed up in a crisp suit and though he was very young had his hair colored white 🙂  I asked him to give me a simple trim and soon he started working on my hair, he constantly kept asking me if everything was fine and whether I wanted something changed, I told him he was doing good and asked him to continue. I felt very good realizing how careful he was. After five minutes I was served orange juice by the same girl who initially took my work order. Jule and me started talking and I asked him if this place was very busy and if he had a lot of customer to attend- he informed that he has to work till 10pm everyday as customers keep coming after office hours and on weekends chinese women love getting their hair treated, he also added that chinese girls spent a lot of money on hair styling, color etc. Soon my hair cut was complete and was asked if I needed another hair wash, I refused as my hair was very dry from the first hair wash. I went to the reception to pay and to my amazement it turned out to be only 30 Yuan. I was very happy at the end of it all, as what I had thought was going to be a dreadful experience turned out to be a very pleasant and peaceful one. Kudos to the Shanghai salon industry!!


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