who is your worst teacher?

10 Feb

How do you reach to a conclusion about your worst teacher, does it depend on whether you were beaten up in school for not doing your home work/mis-behaving in class/ not tucking your shirt in 🙂 ; or does it depend on how poorly you scored in your exam; whethe

is this how you imagine your worst teacher?

r your teacher screamed out loud in class; or how your teacher always favoured the person you hated the most V/s you.

There are many reasons for hating your teacher but for me it was always my 3rd standard school teacher who used to ask us all silly questions; like were you making fun of me, did you repeat what I said, why are you yawning in class. The worst one- why are you staring at me. Then she would call the student to her desk and ask for an answer in yes or no, if the answer was yes – we would get beaten up and if the answer was no- the questions continued. Considering I was only in the third grade and this horror continued for one entire year; she definitely ranks no. 1 on my list of worst teachers. She had completely lost her mind and I think become paranoid.

Note : For privacy sake I am not naming/uploading photo of my teacher as I believe those were hard times for her and by now I have already forgiven her


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